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24-channel NeuroView EEG

  • Origin: China

24-channel NeuroView EEG

Made in China

A. Flexible solution for paperless high quality EEG:

The use of digital technology for the purposes of recording and reviewing neurological records is standard in today’s clinical environment. The application in the case of electroencephalogram is often referred to as the paperless EEG. The Neuro View digital EEG system uses a form of cleverly integrating signal amplification electronics into the patient. This technology ensures that the patient’s measured signal quality is delivered to the recording device with absolute precision.

B. Quantitative analysis:

In addition to being easy to use in reviewing and responding to regular clinical EEG facilities, the Neuro View system also incorporates complex quantitative analysis. Analysis results can be shown below. Numerical data forms, graphs and brain topography. A large number of available data displays including peak frequency, mean frequency, center frequency and many other frequencies.


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