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Company culture



IMPAC advocates building a company culture based on the cohesion among members to work more effectively. IMPAC always considers people as the most valuable resource, always encourages individuals to maximize their creativity and improve their work performance. Thereby, the company always has rewarding rewards corresponding to work performance to recognize excellent individuals who contribute positively to the development of the company.

Every month, the Company organizes extracurricular activities of culture, culture, sports, entertainment to build a happy and happy working environment. Every year, there are tours, vacations, … to create a cohesion among members to build a strong and united team.

We encourage work-life balance to help our employees not only fulfill their responsibilities within the company but also spend time with their families. From there, they receive the support of their family to continue to contribute to the company’s business development.

The company’s regulations not only clearly stipulate the remuneration for employees, but also show concern for employees’ family members, which is also one of the categories. spend improving the material and spiritual life for all employees of the company.