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Project was implemented

Medical field



Supplying: Elisa systems, centrifugal machines, horizontal machines,
biosafety cabinets,refrigerator swabs, born products, refrigerators,
deep sound,…The project provides equipment and training for the Medical Center to the 15th on the nation

Supplying: Elisa system, Biosafety Cabinet Class II,Incubator,
Water Bi-distilling apparatus, Autoclave,Magnetic Stirrer,..
Project of supplying Microbiological equipment for provinces
and districts


Provides medical equipment
The project for the social programme 450 TTB support of the World bank

Supplying: Equipment and transferring ADN analysis technology Project: Gene assessment Center Military Institute of forensic medicine.

Supplying: Bone Crusher,the support system on processing sample using high pressure, Automatic DNA Extraction system,UV / VIS spectrum system,...
Project of supplying equipment for Military Institute of Forensic medicine.

Supplying: Patient Monitor 7 parameters,Electric Syringe pump, 
Automatic Infusion pump, Oxygen generator and compressor
Projects of supplying equipment for Provincial and district hospitals.







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