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Medical equipment



   Impac are now cooperating with several world – famous brands to distribute medical equipment such as:


  •     Agilent: specializes in providing comprehensives solutions for Genomics research such as DNA/RNA/Protein sample test and Flow cytometry system ; Agilent 3100 OFFGEL fractionators segment protein and peptide basing on pI;

  •     Terumo: specializes in providing Electric Syringe pump, Infusion pump

  •     GE: specializes in providing Central Monitor, Infant incubator, Anesthesia apparatus with ventilator;

  •     Phillips: specializes in providing CT scanner, C-arm, MRI;

  •     Covidien: specializes in providing Electro-Diathermy unit, Varicose treatment machine.


   IMPAC has a team of well-trained personnel from abroad for professional training on biomedical electronics, nuclear physics, business administration ... and the close cooperation with research institutes, hospitals, institutions Health departments and medical device company.


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