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Environmental equipment

Warranty Policy


We commit to provide free warranty service for all the equipment we supplied.

Warranty period:

At least: 12 months form the date of signing acceptance minutes.

Warranty form and time for response and troubleshoot

1. Immediately after receiving notification of the customer about the status of the equipment failures that  we have provided, we will send technical staffs in charge of warranty contact you to determine the preliminary status and treatment plan. Our staffs can assist and guide customers remotely repair itself through forms such as telephone, fax, email, SMS or internet( if possible)

2. If the remote support does not resolve the problem, we will send technical staffs to support the  company's customers to check, repair and fix the damage and the defects of the devices. All the fixing damaged disability expenditures are paid by IMPAC Corporation.

3. During troubleshooting (if we have to send the product for warranty) we will provide a replacement device of the same category, with similar technical features in order not to affect the performance of your work

4. For the devices having major irreparable damages and defects, we will replace another one to ensure the quality of signed contracts. All the fixing damaged disability expenditures are paid by IMPAC Corporation.

5. The device will void the warranty if the damage caused by the fault of the Purchasers or users in the warranty period, such as:

  • Do not use the device in accordance with the user manual causing malfunction of the devices.
  • The devices short-circuit due to unstable power, natural disasters
  • The devices using consumable supplies or spare parts which are not supplied by IMPAC causing malfunction of the devices
  • The devices were modified, corrected not by IMPAC’s technicians causing malfunction of the devices.
  • Do broken, disfigured devices, violating the principle of use as to wet, fire causing malfunction of the devices.
  • In the above cases, we still ensure to repair and recover the devices, but you will pay the actual expenses incurred.


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