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Trang chủ About Us Vision, mission




       IMPAC strives to become a Vietnam leading multi-industry company in the field of investment and technology transfer of the products and services: Medical equipment, environment, science and technology, information technology in sustainable development strategy, constant innovation and creativity.



  • For customers: Provides products - high quality services with advanced technologies to meet the maximum benefit of the customer
  • For shareholders: Always increase investment value for shareholders
  • For partners: Cooperation accompanies development, build successful partnership together under the motto “Associate power, increase value”.
  • For employees: Develop a professional work environment, dynamic creative and humanities; facilitates high-income and developing equitable opportunities  for all employees
  • For society: Contribute actively to the community-oriented activities, demonstrating the spirit of corporate social responsibility of enterprises.




  • Innovation and creativity is the vitality of enterprises:

        We recognize that in a competitive environment, things change daily and hourl. Therefore, the enterprise would compete and develop only by the innovation and creativity constant and that is the vitality of enterprises. IMPAC always give prominence to creative dynamic in its operation.


  • Charisma worth more than gold

         IMPAC always fully prepares capacity to implement and attempt to ensure its commitments to customers and partners. This is also the motto of the action of officials and employees in job performance


  • People are the most valuable asset:

        IMPAC build relationships with the spirit of humanism, respect employees as the most valuable asset, value talents; Creating workplace culture based on fairness, integrity and heighten the power of unite 


  • IMPAC is  home

       IMPAC is the second home that all of us live and work there. Each officer, employee of IMPAC is loyal to the company's achievements, works enthusiastically and responsibly for the construction of a funny and happy work environment. That will contribute to customer satisfaction.



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