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    IMPAC intends to build Company culture basing on the cohesion among the members to work more and more effectively. IMPAC always considers human resource is the most precious one, encourages each member to promote maximum creativity and uphold their job performance. Thereby the company always has the deserved reward in proportion to work effect in recognition of outstanding individuals to contribute actively to the development of the company

    Every month, IMPAC organizes extracurricular activities on cultural performance, sport, physical training, entertainment in order to establish a fun and happy working environment. Every year, there are tours, vacation held by IMPAC to create cohesion between the members to build a strong solidarity.

    We encourage a balance between work and life to help our employees not only to perform their responsibilities within the company but also to spend time with their families. Since then, they received the support of the family to continue to contribute to the business development of the company.


    The statutes of the company not only set clear rules on remuneration for the staff but also express concern for the family members of employees, which is also one of the items improving the material and spirit life to all employees of the company.


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